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The Eagle Scout Service Project Fundraising Application (page 3-7 of the Project Workbook) must be used in obtaining approval for service project fundraising or securing donations of materials*. Send the completed form to your local council service center, where it will be routed to those responsible for approval. This  may be a district executive or another staff member, the council or district advancement committee, a finance committee, etc., as determined appropriate.

*This application is not necessary for contributions form the candidate, his parents or relatives, his unit or its chartered organization, parents or members of his unit, or the beneficiary. All money left over, regardless of the source, goes to the beneficiary.

If the standards below are met, your fundraising effort likely will be approved.

  1. Eagle Scout service projects may not be fundraisers. In other words, the candidate may not stage an effort that primarily collects money, even if it is for a worthy charity. Fundraising is permitted only for securing materials, and otherwise facilitating a project. Unless the effort involves contributions only form the beneficiary, the candidate, his parents or relatives, his unit or its chartered organization, or from parents or members in his unit, it must be approved by the local council. This is achieved by submitting the Eagle Scout Service Project Fundraising Application.
  2. It must be clear to all donors or event participants that the money is being raised on behalf of the project beneficiary. Once collected, money raised must be turned over for deposit to an account of the beneficiary or the candidate's unit, until needed for the project. If the unit receives the funds, it must release them to the beneficiary once expenses have been paid.
  3. Any contracts must be signed by a responsible adult, acting as an individual, without reference to the Boy Scouts of America. The person who signs the contract is personally liable. Contracts must not and cannot bind the local council, Boy Scouts of America, or the unit's chartered organization.
  4. If something is to be sold, we want people to buy it because it is a quality product, not just because of an associations with Scouting. Buyers or donors must be informed that the money will be used for an Eagle Scout service project to benefit the school, religious institution, or community chosen, and any funds left over will go to that beneficiary.
  5. Any products sold or fundraising activities conducted must be in keeping with the ideals and principles of the BSA. For example, they must not include raffles or other games of chance.
  6. Should any donors want documentation of a gift, this must be provided through the project beneficiary, not the Boy Scouts of America. If a donor or fundraising participant wants a receipt, this, too, must be provided in the name of the beneficiary.
  7. Youth are not normally permitted to solicit funds on behalf of other organizations. However, a local council may allow an exception for Eagle Scout service projects.